How to Fix Rules of Survival PC OpenGL 4.1 Netease Logo Error

RoS PC OpenGl Fix

Rules of Survival game for PC uses OpenGL which is a rendering library used to render the details of the game. It is installed with graphics drivers for dedicated and integrated graphics cards, such as NVIDIA or Intel HD Graphics for example. Before you start downloading the RoS PC client, you should first check if your computer supports OpenGL 4.1 or better. If your computer doesn’t support the minimum requirement, you’ll see the Netease logo get stuck and then this message: Which reads as: This application requires OpenGL 4.1 or…

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Rules of Survival PC Now Uses Facebook and Google Login

RoS Google and FB PC Login

Great news for RoS players. Battle royale game Rules of Survival PC version now supports Facebook and Google login released in an update earlier today by Netease Games. This means you no longer need a mobile phone or tablet to scan the QR code for every login (though the option to do so is still available). Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to transfer your PC account to bind with the new FB/G sign in system. This means you’ll have to start over again, or contact support for…

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How to Play Rules of Survival PC Version Without Phone Scan Guide

RoS KO Scan Without Phone

If you’ve played the battle royale PC versions for Rules of Survival or Knives Out, you’ll know about the QR code scan needed every single time for PC login. This usually requires a phone or tablet with the mobile client game of the same name. However, if you don’t have access to a phone, either because your phone broke or you don’t own one, then you might have a problem with scanning to play. Fortunately, Netease has just recently updated Rules of Survival PC version to include Google and Facebook…

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How to Download and Play Knives Out PC Version Complete Guide

Knives Out PC Version - English

If you’ve been following along with the updates notes, You’ll notice that Netease Games has a Knives Out PC version available on Windows for quite some time. However, Netease doesn’t promote it well enough to a point that some players don’t even know it exists. While the Rules of Survival PC version has been the popular choice for players (also developed by Netease) since the release of its English client, Knives Out is a PUBG-like battle royale game where 100 players drop onto a island and battle each other for…

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Download Rules of Survival PC Version Guide (Updated 2018)

Rules of Survival PC Game

A Rules of Survival PC version client has recently been released by Netease Games and is available for Windows (unfortunately there’s no Mac version). With this, the fast-growing free battle royale game comes to PC gamers. 120 players are placed onto a deserted island where only one player (or team) can survive to win. Use weapons to defend yourself from opposing players. In the PC version, you can fight solo, or team up with a friend or a group for duo (two players), squad (four players), or even fireteam (five…

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