Rules of Survival PC Now Uses Facebook and Google Login

RoS Google and FB PC LoginGreat news for RoS players. Battle royale game Rules of Survival PC version now supports Facebook and Google login released in an update earlier today by Netease Games. This means you no longer need a mobile phone or tablet to scan the QR code for every login (though the option to do so is still available). Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to transfer your PC account to bind with the new FB/G sign in system. This means you’ll have to start over again, or contact support for an account transfer.

The PC version of Knives Out, another battle royale game from Netease, has not been updated with the sign in system, so it only applies to RoS.

In case you’re wondering how the new login system works, logging into this new system is quite simple. Naturally, you’ll need either a Facebook or Google account.

How to log into the new Rules of Survival PC login system.

Launch Rules of Survival. You’ll notice the “Sign in with Google” and “Sign in with Facebook” options.

Rules of Survival Google Facebook PC Login


For Facebook, enter your FB account credentials in the game’s window.

RoS FB Login


Click on “Continue as (your name)”

RoS FB Account


Accept the License Agreement (the green ? ? button).

RoS PC License Agreement


Now any time you start RoS for PC, you’ll see your Facebook name. Click on “Login”.

Netease Games PC Login


It’s just as simple for Google as well. Enter the details for your Google account.

RoS Google Login


Click on “Allow”.

RoS Google Account Allow


And like before, accept the License Agreement.

If at any time you choose to clear the data on your computer, click on the “Clear login data” link on the login screen.

Netease Games Login


A Facebook and Google sign in system for PC players has been requested for a long time, so it’s a nice feature to be added. Of course, you can continue to scan the RoS QR code with or without a mobile phone device.

Rules of Survival PC Login FAQ

Can I bind my RoS PC account from QR scan to either my Facebook or Google account?

As mentioned earlier this does not appear to be possible at this time, which means you will need to start over again with a new account. However, you might be able to transfer your account if you contact Netease support. Hopefully this issue will be addressed sometime in the near future.

I don’t want to share my public Facebook/Google account info with RoS, is there a safer way?

You can create a new “dummy” Facebook/Google account for the purpose of logging in for Rules of Survival. This way, you won’t have to share any of your real public information.

Can I still continue to scan the QR code and keep my old PC account even after logging in with FB/G sign in?

Yes, the QR code scanning still works. All the progress you’ve made is still linked to the device you use to scan.


  1. Kobe

    Log in to Google Account and Facebook Account and Qr Code Options is not showing, Can you please tell me why ?

    • What’s your PC specs and video card model? Might be a display issue.

      You can try the following:
      1. Reinstall the game with the latest PC client version from
      2. Disable any antivirus or firewall before running the game.
      2. Run the game As Administrator.

      • KK

        Hi, can you help me? When i use google account to log in, it always tell me that the application or the website broswer is not security., which causes fail to log in.

    • raven


  2. Kobe

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20 GHz
    4GB RAM
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500

    Already do what you said twice still not working.

    • Is the QR code scan method working for you? If it is, then it’s an issue with Facebook/Google login.

      If you don’t have a phone, then there are other ways to scan the QR code with this guide:

      • Kobe

        Uhm Even the QR code is not popping up, those 3 are not popping up. It just Display the Play screen and when i click “Play” the screen just hang for 1 sec and still nothing happens.

        • It sounds like the login window that pops up is being blocked. Are you sure there’s no active firewall preventing it from showing?

          Try dropping the opengl32.dll file into the ros directory as shown in this article:
          This uses your computer’s processor instead of your GPU to render the game and it works for most computers with Intel HD Graphics. If it still doesn’t display correctly, then you can still play the mobile version of RoS on PC using an Android emulator.

  3. Kevin

    I try logging in both google and facebook but everytime I login in facebook and enter my username and password and click enter nothing happens the username and password just disappear same goes to Google when I enter my e-mail and password it will just return again to enter your e-mail. I already try to off my antivirus and firewall and also reinstall the game. Hope you can help me with this issue. Thank you in advance

  4. Kevin

    Btw I try logging in my Facebook account and Google account to different computer but I only having this issue on my computer.

    • What’s your PC specs and video card model?

      Check that your graphics driver(s) is updated.
      If OpenGL is the problem, you can also try fixing it with this guide:

      If you still can’t get it to work, then try the QR code scan method. There’s a few ways you can scan it without a phone:

      • Kevin

        I have a MOBO h110M-h Processor Intel Pentium G4560 with 8gb RAM and a GPU
        RX 460 2gb and it’s fully updated. Yes I’m playing throu QR scan but I’m tired scanning and updating both my pc and mobile just to play this game.

      • Timothy

        when i log in to google its fine. but when i log in to facebook and click continue as. it doesnt do anything

        • This might be an issue with the Facebook login system that Netease needs to optimize. Other people have reported the same problem.

          • Kevin

            But my problem is both lmao anyways thanks.

  5. Daffa Rizky

    Why In my pc, there’s no accoiunt Icon? and Now i cant login to my gmail account
    Please tell me how to fix it
    I wanna play this again

  6. Heneral

    SIr is there any possibility that my facebook account in ROS can be converted into my google play ?

    • Unfortunately it’s not possible to use your Google Play mobile account for the PC version. The only possible login options are Google, Facebook, and QR code scan with the mobile client.

  7. leonevel as barney

    SIR WHAT ABOUT THIS ? it is only written as


    security warning: please treat url above as as you would your password…..

    its not loging in it only stays there and nothing happens .. while on google on the other side it works but in regards to my fb acc in which i have been playing .. i cant open it .. sir need answer asap.. ty ^_^

    • This could either be a network issue or a bug in the Facebook login system. Try troubleshooting a few stops:
      1. Restart your router and (optionally) reboot your computer.
      2. Disable any antivirus/firewall you have running on your PC.
      3. Launch Rules of Survival. When the sign-in window appears, click “Clear Login Data”.

  8. leonevel as barney

    so ok im back once again and this time the problem is on opening ros

    failure to retrieve patches. Please check your network and try again

    it ran dor how many percent but keeps on going back again and again..

    need answer and ty

    • There’s been a recent update so it’s possible that the servers are being overworked. I suggest waiting a few hours before trying again.

  9. Allen Ong

    Can i play with my friends when they are using their pc and im only using my phone ?

    • No. The PC version uses separate PC servers from the mobile servers, so cross-server play is not possible. Your friends would need to play the mobile RoS version on PC with an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

  10. johnmark

    how sign in on rules of survival

  11. Aayush Khatri

    Can I transfer my QR Code account progress to my google account ?

    • I don’t think that is possible at this time. Rules of Survival developers stated a while back that they were planning to release a feature to transfer QR scanned accounts to either Google or Facebook login, but that hasn’t happened yet.

  12. I cannot log in to Rules of Survival. I am always stuck on **refer to the link**. I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you!

    • What are your PC specs? Specifically what is your graphics card model?

      You can find the video card model by going to Screen Resolution > Advanced settings and look under “Adapter String”.

  13. Hey! I had a question. Can I login with my FB and Google account at the same time. I am looking forward to deactivate my facebook account and now I want to use the google account. Can I have my date from the fb to gmail?

    • I don’t think it is possible to transfer accounts at this time. You’ll need to contact NetEase Games support service for moving your account data to a different login. Email: [email protected]

  14. Regie

    sir. it is possible that my facebook account in Ros can be converted in my google account?

    • Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to transfer your account from Facebook to Google. You can try contacting Netease support to see if they can transfer your account for you. Email: [email protected]

  15. rean albert g. bersabe

    how to use my google on ros pc

  16. anthony alba

    i cant log in using google account. the google account help always show and tells about to enable cookies even though my cookies setting are enabled please help!.

  17. Sparklez

    Hey, can u help me with my problem? I tried logging in with my Google account. But after I finished typing my password, nothing happens. It just takes u back to the section where u have to type your email.

  18. Milica

    I installed ROS on Linux, but it can not open google or facebook log page, it’s just white.
    Can you help me log in?

  19. Hammad

    When i click on login button after filling all the fields it shows a blank white screen.

  20. rj


  21. Pewpewpew

    i have the same issue, and trying to find answer 🙁

  22. james dico

    my game wont let me log in to my google accounts and ive spent money on those accounts as well and i can open my google accounts on other computers but i cant open on my own why??!

  23. lezah

    beutiful game

  24. dingfromsurigao

    im happy

  25. Charle123x

    ros very cool game

  26. cj

    i cant open my gmail in ros

  27. Shey

    I’m having trouble logging in, I entered my email and it keeps saying failed. Please help

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