How to Play Knives Out on PC Complete Setup Guide (Working)

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Knives Out on PCOne of the recent big mobile game releases in the Google Play Store is Knives Out by Netease Games. Along with Survivor Royale and Rules of Survival, Knives Out is a popular free battle royale game for Android and iOS that places 100 players onto a massive island to fight each other, just like in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by PUBG Corporation. Unfortunately, some Android devices–including emulators for PC–were unsupported for a while.

But recently a fix for the “sorry, your mobile device is not supported, currently” error message has been released for Nox App Player and Memu, two powerful Android emulators for PC. This males it possible to play on PC for the best gaming performance.

Below is a complete guide on how to play with keyboard and mouse using Nox or MEmu, whichever one you prefer. Both app players have been tested and confirmed to be working, but it seems Nox runs slightly better. Bluestacks is not supported at this time.

Looking for the PC version? Here’s a Knives Out PC guide to get you started.

How to Download and Play Knives Out on PC for Nox App Player and MEmu Android Emulator

Step 1:

Download and install the latest version ( or later) of Nox App Player from Bignox:

If this is your first time using Nox, here’s a guide to walk you through all the Android emulator’s settings.


You can download and install MEmu App Player (version 3.6.7 or later) by Microvirt:

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re using MEmu, then you need to use DirectX+ in the app player’s settings. You must also be using Android 5.1.1 Lollipop as the operating system. You can check this in Settings app > About tablet.

MEmu DirectX+ Settings

Step 2:

Open the Google Play Store app and install Knives Out.

Mobile KO in Play Store

Step 3:

Launch the Knives Out Android app. It should initiate by downloading resource files. This takes some time as it needs to download over 500mb.

Knives Out Download

Configuring and Optimizing Knives Out on PC

Once the game has loaded into the main menu, you’ll need to adjust a few settings to play on PC for the best performance.

Go to settings (the gear icon) in the top-right corner.

In BASIC settings, change Gyro to OFF. This makes it so you can freely aim.

Basic Settings

You may also want to turn on “High Framerate” for a small boost in FPS.

In CONTROL, choose the third option: Classic Mode. This makes it so you have a static joystick.


Under DRIVING, select the third option: Joystick Mode. You’ll be able to drive by using WASD keys. W = accelerate, S = brakes, A and D for steering.


Everything else you can configure for your own preference.

Knives Out on PC Keyboard Controls Setup

Next you’ll need to set keys to use for playing with mouse and keyboard using the Android emulator. Here’s a screenshot of one example setup with Nox App Player.

Knives Out PC Nox App Player Keyboard Controls

Here’s another example with MEmu.

Knives Out PC MEmu Keyboard Controls

Knives Out PC Controls:

  • WASD: Move
  • Left-mouse: Fire weapon
  • Right-mouse: Toggle Shooter Mode
  • R: Reload
  • E: Scope
  • Q: Switch weapon
  • 2: Switch current weapon
  • 3: Switch between auto-fire and semi-fire
  • SPACE: Jump
  • C: Crouch
  • X: Prone
  • Z: Auto-run
  • G: Use medkits/energy drinks
  • F: Open/close doors, enter/exit vehicles, etc

All the controls above can be adjusted to fit your playing style. Experiment with different settings and then go for rank #1.


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  1. Tai

    I’m using Noxplayer, it shows no server selected on the main page, why?

  2. Andre Soares Filho

    Hey, I’m experiencing some heavy stutter with mouse movement in this game, is this normal? The game is somehow fluid, its not FPS stutter, but movement stutter, like the mouse is hanging somewhere, this is weird ’cause I have a good pc, with an i5 3570 paired with 8gb of RAM and a R9 270X Toxic Edition, can you help me? Thanks in advance.

  3. hohoho

    I am using noxplayer on a Mac , however it still shows “sorry, your mobile device is not supported, currently”. why ??? what can I do to solve this

    • Unfortunately the Mac version of Nox is not up to date like the Windows version.

      The last Mac update was August 23, 2017.
      The last Windows update was December 8, 2017.

      The windows version uses OpenGL 3.0, so you’ll have to use the latest Windows version on a different computer until Nox App Player is updated again for Mac.

  4. Jeremiah

    i had completed the download,but when i open it,the application always crash.Im using nox player 6.0

    • I just tested RoS in Nox after the new update and it’s still working fine. Make sure Nox has the following settings:

      At least 2GB RAM.
      At least 2 CPU cores.
      Use OpenGL.

  5. no name

    it says no sever selected when using Noxplayer

    • On the title screen, click on the area just above “START” to choose a server on the Server Selection menu. Usually “KNIVES OUT (Global)” and a regional server is available to play on.

  6. .tramp

    I purchased putfit and backpack. How do you use them? I would have thought it would be automatic

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