How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC Emulator Guide

PUBG Mobile on PC BluestacksPUBG Mobile is available worldwide on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You can bring all the excitement of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds right to your phone or tablet as a downloadable app.

Or, you can play PUBG Mobile on PC for FREE.

Let’s be honest.

With all the intense battle royale action going on, playing on a touchscreen just doesn’t feel comfortable for some people to make quick movements, and everyone has their own preference on how they want to play.

Or maybe you don’t have a compatible phone to play on and you feel like you’re missing out on all the fun.

Whatever your reason, you can easily play on most Android emulators. An Android emulator is software you can install to bring the Android operating system to your computer. One of the best is Bluestacks. Just like for the Chinese version of PUBGM, this emulator is completely compatible and brings all the exciting battle royale action to your computer screen.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide:

  1. How to download PUBG Mobile on PC.
  2. Full mouse and keyboard setup.
  3. Fixing common issues and troubleshooting.

Getting started with how to play PUBG Mobile on PC

Before you start downloading everything you need…

Make sure your PC meets the hardware needed by reading the full system requirements before running this Android emulator.

Recommended system requirements for running Bluestacks are:

  • Windows 7/8/10.
  • Intel Core i5.
  • 6GB RAM or higher.
  • 40GB hard disk space or more.
  • Intel HD Graphics 5200 or higher. A powerful dedicated graphics card like Nvidia or Radeon is better.

If your computer meets all of the above, then you’ll be good to go. If not, then you may experience problems with stability during gameplay.

PCs will have different results depending on hardware, but this method is generally not for PCs under 4GB RAM running Core 2 Duo machines.

Make sure to enable VT (Virtualization Technology) in your computer’s BIOS settings. This helps Bluestacks run at a faster performance.

If everything looks good, then it’s time to get started.

How to play PUBG Mobile on PC with Bluestacks

Download PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks

Bluestacks is free, stable, and designed to run Android games on PC. Make sure to download the latest version of this app player.

Bluestacks Started

When you launch Bluestacks for the first time, go to Settings > Engine.

App Player Engine Settings

Your settings should be set to the following:

  • 2 CPU cores or more (4 CPU cores for better results).
  • 2048 (2GB) RAM or more (3GB or more is recommended).
  • OpenGL mode.

Once you have these settings, restart Bluestacks.

(you can play on lower settings, but this will affect game performance. Generally the configuration above works smoothly for most PCs)

Now it’s time to download the game. Open the Google Play Store app and search for “PUBG Mobile”. Download and install the app.

Open Play Store

Download PUBG App on Bluestacks

App Installed

Launch the game. You can choose to either log in with Facebook, or create a Guest account. You can link this profile to a Facebook account later if you want.

After you create your character or sign in, you’ll be on the main lobby.

Lobby Screen

Configuring game settings to play PUBG Mobile on PC

Before you start grabbing wins, you’ll need to adjust a few options and set your mouse and keyboard controls.

Open the game’s settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner, then click on Graphics.

PUBG Mobile will automatically adjust your graphics when you first launch the game. Usually it’ll be set to HD graphics, but if you notice the game stuttering then set it to Smooth. Set Frame Rate to High to prevent FPS drops.

For the best optimal performance, the graphics settings will look like this:

PUBGM Graphics Settings

Performance will vary depending on the computer’s power that’s running Bluestacks.

Next click on Controls. Choose the 3rd option: Left: movement. Right: fire.

Control Settings Screen

Since you’re playing on an emulator with mouse and keyboard, your controls will be fixed to keys and clicks, not a touchscreen.

Next up, click on Vehicle.

Select the 2nd option: Single Joystick.

Vehicle Settings

This option will enable you to drive using WASD keys, but more on this later.

You can adjust everything else to your personal preference.

PUBG Mobile mouse and keyboard controls setup

Now it’s time to configure your mouse and keyboard controls. Don’t worry, it’s simple.

Go back to the lobby and click on “Training” at the bottom-left corner. This mode will give you time to configure everything you need.

Open the keyboard controls UI.

Open Bluestacks Keyboard Controls

When you first open this up, you might see the following screen:

Battle Royale Mode Controls

These are the preset controls set by Bluestacks exclusively for PUBG Mobile. You can use these controls as they are, or you can change them. Simply click on any key icon and press the new key control you want to use. You can also delete keys by clicking on the “x” next to them.

For example, here’s one configuration of mapped keys to use:

PUBG Mobile Mouse and Keyboard

To activate or deactivate Shooter Mode (hide the mouse cursor to look around and aim), check which key the Bluestacks crosshair icon is assigned to use. In the example above, this is the Alt key.

Take some time to do different activities in the training area. Driving with WASD, aiming with scope, swimming, entering and exiting vehicles, etc.

Once your mouse and keyboard controls are set up the way you like, now you can begin a real match!

Troubleshooting issues with PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks

PUBG Mobile emulator detected notice

PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected

If you’ve been playing on an Android emulator, you might’ve seen a notice with the message, “Emulator detected. You will only be paired with players using emulators.” after launching the game. This is because Tencent (the game’s publisher) made an update to match players using emulators against each other for fairness to mobile players.

If you do see the message, don’t panic. Everything else in the game works perfectly normal. If you have friends who play on mobile phones, you can still invite them to your team to play.

How to fix “Your device is not supported at the moment” notice

Your device is not supported at the moment

If you’re seeing this error, it usually means Bluestacks is not using enough RAM and CPU cores in settings to run the game properly.

Make sure to set engine settings to use at least 2GB RAM and 2 CPU cores. If you’re still seeing the message, try adding more available RAM and CPU cores if your computer has the resources.

Bluestacks should also be running in OpenGL mode only. DirectX mode is not supported for this game.

How to fix mouse getting stuck issue

If you’re experiencing problems moving the camera view while in Shooter Mode, this video can solve the issue:


Inside House

Running up a Hill

Aiming in PUBGM

PUBG Mobile on PC Chicken Dinner

PUBGM Bluestacks Winner

Bluestacks offers one of the best ways to play PUBG Mobile on your PC completely free. Get it now and grab those chicken dinners with the power of mouse and keyboard on the big screen!

Download PUBG Mobile on Bluestacks

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