FortCraft Release Date? Could Be Soon on Android

Will FortCraft be Released?FortCraft… so what happened to it?

It’s a survival sandbox mobile battle royale game. Players fight in a destructible environment collecting materials and weapons to take down opponents. FortCraft is called a clone, a ripoff, and a knockoff due to its similar but obvious design and gameplay style to Fortnite from Epic Games.

The game was available briefly as an unreleased beta test version for Android and iOS. The closed beta ended on March 18. The last official announcement post about the game was on March 21 just over a month ago. which has now accumulated over a thousand comments.

Dear Explorers

If you’re wondering how to play it now, you can’t.

Since then, nobody has been able to play. It’s been quiet for just over a month now. No new updates. No official statements. Nothing. Even the official website shows a simple background without anything interesting to see.

Did Netease abandon FortCraft?

A lot of misinformation continues to spread around on its official Facebook group. Rumors range from various release dates, legal actions, to cancellation of the game altogether. But there’s been no proof for any of that yet.

The developer, Netease, has been silent about any progress on FortCraft’s Facebook and Twitter pages even though they said they would keep everyone updated.

FortCraftGame Twitter Message

However, a little investigating shows that they are still actively protecting the rights to it at least. This shows signs that it’s still alive and a possible release is still going to happen.

Here’s what we know about FortCraft now

Here’s some DMCA public records on the Lumen database from Netease about FortCraft for April 18, April 9, April 6, and so on. The source URL used is always

Wondering what this is about?

Companies send out a series a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints to Google for removing URLs on the search engine which infringes their works without permission. This is common practice among copyright owners who want to protect their works from piracy.

For anyone not familiar with the process, it is basically copyright owners telling Google “this website URL is redistributing my work without permission, so remove it from your search engine please.”

On April 22, Netease filed a routine DMCA complaint, but this one shows a Google Play URL as one of the original work sources with it.

Netease Includes Play Store Link

This is the URL the game was available on:

Going to this link will lead to an error page, probably because the app is set to private.

This URL is different from the Android beta test app for the unreleased version:

You can follow along with any new Netease entries on the Lumen database.

Recent activity on Facebook page

Interestingly, the app test link posts for iOS and Android have been removed from FortCraft’s social pages (Google cache).

Deleted FB Post

But they still exist on the About page for Facebook.

Unreleaed Test App Links

Hints there’s still some activity going on.

What does it all mean?

To speculate, this seems to imply that the app is still in the Play Store and possibly ready to go live within the coming days or weeks. This makes sense if Netease is targeting the Android platform first ahead of competitor Fortnite which is dominating the iOS App Store. Fortnite will be available on the Play Store later this year.

Another possible reason for the delay is the extensive testing needed to run the game on different Android devices, or the “many new gameplays” and optimizations being added after the beta test ended.

Many New Gameplays

But is it already too late for FortCraft?

Even if the game does see a release for Android and iOS, it will need a big launch and soon. Fortnite is already available on the Apple App Store with an Android release coming in a few months. If Netease wants any advantage, they’re going to have to release the game within a month to establish an audience.

The lack of any public communication from Netease about the current status of FortCraft has left a lot of potential players disappointed. Providing some developmental screenshots or video footage of upcoming updates would be a good start to build hype. They already do this for their battle royale games Rules of Survival, Knives Out, and Survivor Royale.

So far, this is the only recent information available for now. It might mean something, or maybe nothing. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see.

As the FortCraft website says: Stay tuned!

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